A domain name is a house address for your website. Choosing the right domain name is paramount in locating your website. People visiting your website is the ultimate goal, next to converting them to paying customers, so you can’t compromise on the domain name. It can literally make or break your traffic count. If your visitors find it difficult remembering your house address, they can’t come to your house. In the same way, if your online visitors don’t remember your domain name, they can’t visit your website hence no traffic. If you’re wondering how to make your domain name a winning one, well here goes;

Your domain is your personal online address.

You can’t go wrong with it.

♠ Keep It Short

A short domain name is the ultimate slam dunk. I don’t know why I used a basketball analogy but it really is the ultimate slam dunk. The shorter your domain name the easier it is for the potential visitor to remember, it’s also easy to type is anywhere. Longer domain names are just painful to remember and type in a search portal. People tend to lose interest in yours and look elsewhere (your competitors). You lose customers this way because your domain is too long and painful. You can’t go wrong with a simple domain. Do yourself and your potential visitors a favor and keep it short.

♠ Common Extension

The world most popular domain extension ie .com is a force to reckon with. Potential visitors automatically assume that your domain name has the .com extension when typing your website address, so when you have the opportunity to choose between a .com and any other do well to purchase the .com

♠ Location

Your business location should be evident in your domain name. A business from Ghana may use .gh to show users that they are based in Ghana. The Same way a business from South Africa may use .za, that of Nigeria may use .ng, Tanzania .tz, United Kingdom .uk etc. This allows customers to know where their service providers are working from. It gives them a peace of mind knowing their service provider is not just floating in space but has a geographical location. That means they know where to go when there is a problem, this also fosters trust. Nobody works with a company they can’t trust.

♠ Type of Business

Choosing an extension that reflects the type of business is important. Educational institutions usually use .edu, government institutions use .gov, television shows use .tv, etc This way anybody who sees the domain name gets an idea about the business. It’s a way to have targeted customers which mean they are most likely going to convert from just visitors to paying customers.

♠ Numbers and Hyphens

We have already established how a memorable domain name is key, thus using numbers or hyphens or even underscores in your domain name may not be the best way to go. This make is difficult for people to figure out your real domain name. For instance, if your business is about cleaning and you choose a domain name like “cleaning_services-gh.com”, you will lose potential customers to a domain like “cleaningservicesgh.com”. As much as possible stay away from numbers and hyphens….and underscores.

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