In every industry, customers look for the best company to serve their needs. It’s not very different for the software and the digital marketing industry. Whenever there is a conversation about designing and building intuitive mobile apps and websites, a few names pop up in the conversation. However, the name that stands out in terms of client relations, in depth knowledge of the field, skills, and competence is none other than Creative Bibini Ltd.

We are dedicated to creating solutions to local problems. We use modern technologies to produce intuitive products. Our expertise covers design and development of mobile apps, website design, and development, digital marketing, and consultation. A few of our mobile apps include wodiru , EKB app and a couple soon to be released apps. We are working hard to produce more mobile apps and websites to the public and private sectors.



We design and build intuitive mobile apps for businesses, personal and social purposes. Our services include; Concept Development, UI/UX Design, Core Development, Domain & Hosting, API Integration, Database Integration and Monetisation.



We build very bespoke and modern websites for all business types. Our websites are very responsive and search engine worthy. Our services include; Concept Development, UI/UX Design, Core Development, Domain & Hosting, API Integration, Database Integration, and Monetization.



There are several million businesses and products on the internet. Without strategic marketing on the internet, your business will be lost in the clouds. Our digital marketing solutions help put your business, be it mobile apps or websites, at the right place for the right consumers to see it. We provide strategies in search engine optimization, social media management and marketing, online business setup and email marketing. We also have a bulk sms product for a business called textpronto. Feel free to check it and send us an email.

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